DMA-FCC Mental Health Awareness Program Now Accepting Applications

Saskatchewan, September 23, 2019 – Year two of the rural mental health training program presented by the Do More Agriculture Foundation (DMA) and Farm Credit Canada (FCC) has officially launched and is accepting applications.

The training and workshops are aimed at developing community members who will be trained to identify mental health concerns and provide initial support to producers coping with difficult or unfortunate circumstances.  The program will be offered at no cost to participants.    

“The training is aimed at raising mental health awareness and equipping participants with basic skills to provide assistance when help is not immediately available,” said Adelle Stewart, Executive Director of Do More Ag. 

In addition to the funding provided by FCC, the program relies on “Community Leaders” to apply on behalf of their community to bring the training to their rural area.  They work directly with DMA and the facilitators to organize and market the training.

 “Community Leaders who apply to bring in and help organize the trainings are truly the cornerstone of the program” said Stewart.

The fund is open to all rural agriculture communities across Canada. Interested individuals can apply online at from September 23, to October 10, 2019.  

About FCC:

FCC is Canada’s leading agriculture lender, with a healthy loan portfolio of more than $36 billion. Our employees are dedicated to the future of Canadian agriculture and its role in feeding an ever-growing world. We provide flexible, competitively priced financing, management software, information and knowledge specifically designed for the agriculture and agri-food industry. As a self-sustaining Crown corporation, our profits are reinvested back into the agriculture and food industry we serve and the communities where our customers and employees live and work while providing an appropriate return to our shareholder. Visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and on Twitter @FCCagriculture

About Do More Ag Foundation:

DMA was established in January 2018 to promote mental health awareness, well-being, and research, as well as to empower Canadian producers to take care of their mental well-being through education, training and public awareness. The foundation is also dedicated to creating a community of belonging, support and resources on mental health issues.

For more information, please contact:

Adelle Stewart

The Do More Agriculture Foundation

Executive Director


Do More Ag