Do More Ag Welcomes New Partner – Thank you Prairie Soil Solutions!

I was very excited when I got the invitation to attend the Thank A Farmer dinner in July, to participate in the announcement that Prairie Soil Solutions was becoming Do More Ag’s newest partner. 


I have been to a plethora of small towns across Canada, but never to Stenen, Saskatchewan which was the host venue of this great dinner, and more specifically the famous schoolhouse-turned event centre called Rawhides with its 50,000 square foot epic deck in this quaint village of… 91 people.


This, is what I love about the rural life. 

It had been a rainy day at Prairie Soil’s 21st Annual Field of Dreams Academy, but that didn’t stop producers from miles around coming to experience this annual event and then gather together for supper and a live band celebration.  As I sat back observing the evening, I was so proud to be able to witness and participate in this evening, because events like this - is exactly what ag needs. It was wonderful to see the community come together, take a night off, and enjoy each others company.


Jennifer from Lindgren Farms and co-host of the Field of Dreams summarized my thoughts on this exactly as she introduced Do More Ag to the group and handed me the mic.  I had to rally for what I wanted to say, which I loved, because it meant there are more and more people in our rural communities willing to advocate and speak up for mental health in agriculture.


Although I had expected the announcement of our new partnership, I had no idea that Parker from Prairie Soil was going to initiate a 50/50 with proceeds also going back to Do More Ag, nor did I expect a group of that size to raise what they did, and no doubt I had to hold back tears when the winner of the 50/50 donated his portion back to the foundation as well. 


It was an event I won’t soon forget, and I hope everyone gets to experience a community event like this one soon, or if you want to schedule July 2020 in your calendars to join Prairie Soil Solutions at the Field of Dreams and Thank a Farmer event next year I’m sure they would be glad to have you.


On behalf of myself, the board, and team at Do More, we thank Prairie Soil so very much.

Written by Adelle Stewart.

Do More Ag