Meet the Board - Mark Brock


1. Introduce yourself! Who are you and what do you do?

Mark Brock, I farm with my wife Sandi, growing crops and raising sheep.  We live north of London, Ontario and have been involve with different farm organizations over the last number of years. I have two teenage children, Jack and Jessica, that help out on the farm.

 2. What originally sparked your interest in being an advocate for mental health?

My interest in mental health stems from witnessing family, friends, and neighbours struggle with mental health problems.  Some were fortunate to find help and get healthy, but others never wanted to acknowledge or talk about their problems.  Seeing how some were/are so concerns about negative perceptions around mental health is the main reason to get involved. 

 3. Why is mental health important to you?

Mental health to me is as important as physical health.  Many people don’t think twice about seeking help when they are physical ill or have issues.  However, when it come to mental health we don’t seem to have this same attitude.  I’ve never experienced significant mental health issue, but have witness and help those that have.  Seeing how mental health problems can significantly impact one well being is why mental health is important to me.

 4. What gives you the most hope for the landscape of mental health in agriculture? 

What gives me the most hope is how the conversation about mental health has gain significant profile.  The stigma around mental health on the farm seems to be slowly lifting and people are open and willing to talk about their experiences and share or provide support.

 5. What does being a board member with The Do More Agriculture Foundation mean to you? 

Being a board member has significant mean, being part of an organization that’s focused on agricultural mental health is a great privilege and I will do what I can to help.  Mental health has touched my life more than once, and it’s left a lasting impression and doing something that may help just one person, that’s important to me.

 6. If you could share one message with someone struggling, what would it be?

One message I share with anyone that’s having a tough time in one that may seem cliché but is so very true…you’re not alone and people care about you.

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