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Mental Health? Mental Illness? Mental?

I lost my wife to bi-polar and I’m not sure that anything could have turned out different BUT I do know that I didn’t know enough about mental health to be the man in her life that I wanted to be. We had a 5 year battle with depression and wild highs - it was difficult for our family but nothing compared to the roller coaster that Dana lived on. 

I loved and love my wife very much - married young, 4 amazing kids and a spectacular life ... until bi-polar entered our lives. I can’t claim to have truly understood it then, nor do I now but I have learned that to have true empathy, we need awareness and knowledge.

I took a Mental Health First Aid course, that I wish I had taken years earlier, and it brought me awareness and it brought me knowledge that had created for me empathy. This allows me to engage at a very different level and allows me to connect to people who might be struggling in an impactful way. I cannot possibly say this more powerfully - sign up for a Mental Health First Aid course in your area and experience the positive impact for yourself - don’t wait, do it now!

Or go to and see available resources.

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