What to Expect from MHFA


Have you been thinking about attending a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training? Thankfully, there is no better time than NOW to attend. All across the country, MHFA courses are running and are eager to have YOU in their classroom. We have just witnessed 12 courses run all across the country, made possible through the Community Fund and our partnership with Farm Credit Canada!

As we review the feedback from these trainings we acknowledge the growing importance and undeniable impact that this education can provide to our communities.

If you are sitting on the fence on whether or not to attend a course, here is some information that we hope will inspire you to register for a training near you.

MHFA exists because,

  • Mental health problems are common

  • Mental health problems are real medical conditions

  • Mental health problems are NOT character flaws

  • Effective help and treatments are available

Who is MHFA for?

Your community

Be confident to provide assistance to your family, friends, and neighbours

Your workplace

Recognize signs and symptoms among colleagues and clients


Bring MHFA to your community, your workplace, and the general public

MHFA trains you in using the correct terminology when speaking about mental health so that we can help to end the stigmatization surrounding mental health issues and mental illness.

When you attend your MHFA training, there are 5 basic actions that you are equipped with so that you may approach mental health challenges with confidence.

Action 1:

Assess the risk of suicide and/ or harm

Action 2:

Listen non-judgmentally

Action 3:

Give reassurance and information

Action 4:

Encourage that person to get appropriate professional help

Action 5:

Encourage other supports

The main areas of focus for the two day MHFA training are as follows:

  1. Mental Health and Mental Health Problems

  2. Substance Related Disorders

  3. Mood-Related Disorders

  4. Anxiety and Trauma Related Disorders

  5. Psychotic Disorders

  6. Resources

MHFA helps to redefine recovery. Recovery is about much more than achieving the absence of symptoms. It is important to recognize that mental health problems develop over a long time and recovery may also take a long time. The process of healing and recovery is not linear.

MHFA amplifies the importance of self care as we all aspire to develop our mental health and as we support the people in our lives who may be struggling.

MHFA supports you in developing the confidence, and the courage, to reach out to someone you think may be struggling.

MHFA just may be, one of the best skills that we can acquire for navigating and avoiding a mental health crisis.

Take the leap and register now.

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