It Starts With Me

We at The Do More Agriculture Foundation are bringing our first awareness campaign to Canadian Agriculture. ‘It Starts With Me’ is an opportunity for our entire industry to participate in shifting the dialogue around mental health. Through this campaign we hope to inspire a thoughtful observance of the language  we are currently using when we speak to others, and also the way we speak to ourselves.

Each one of us can participate in shifting the dialogue. Co-founder Lesley Kelly highlights the importance of our language, “Language is a powerful tool. Positive language creates positive outcomes. It can reduce conflict, improve communication, and increase our optimism and confidence. It impacts not only how you feel but how others see and respond to you. It’s also contagious, lifts us up and motivates us.”

When we shift the language we can empower relationships and improve our state of well being. It Starts With Me is a call to action to our Ag Community to participate by making small changes every day, creating new habits and new patterns which can lead to a healthier and happier life.

“We each can have a positive impact and create change by making small adjustments to our internal and external language. We often don’t think about how the language we use can impact mental health,” explains Do More Agriculture Foundation co-founder Kim Keller. “This campaign aims to inspire reflection and encourage people to participate in their own way.”

Throughout this campaign we will be sharing some of the typical language that we have seen and have ourselves used, while providing alternative solutions. Statements like “I don’t have time for this” can be replaced with “I have time for you; it’s important that we talk”.

Mental health is part of all of us. Now is the time we change the conversation about mental health. Language matters. Choose yours.

Learn more at See examples on the changing conversation and share stories using #ItStartsWithMe.

Disclaimer: The Do More Agriculture Foundation and its corresponding activities are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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